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“Bringing Property Developments from Ordinary to Extraordinary.”


Le Garden was established through a vision-driven partnership between two well-trusted and dynamic property developers and construction specialists to be a company that places at its heart the core traits of enhancing family harmony by building a sense of community and fostering an environment of belonging within our property developments.

Le Garden places a commitment to enhance the life journey of all our clients by delivering beyond just superior quality and excellent services but also to create value-adding moments and to establish a continuous relationship with our purchasers that will be built continuously even after the handover of keys. We desire to complement the life journey of our clients and their families as they grow and flourish – to build lives and create memories together. The Co-founders of Le Garden have a combined experience of completed residential and commercial projects in Malaysia totalling over RM1 billion and counting.

Concept Of


The concept of Enthous, is derived from a word with classical roots that heralds the arrival of enthusiasm, optimism and joy of life. Enthous denotes great excitement, zeal or interest; like what one feels when one does something one genuinely enjoys. 

Enthous features comfortably-designed homes made affordable for purchasers from all walks of life. Designed with a practical and spatial layout, purchasers can add their personal touches to accommodate their purpose, taste and preferences.


Vogue ’s uniqueness lies in its thoughtfully-designed façade and facilities that aims to be trend-setting while maintaining its affordability for growing families. The façade provides a naturally-cosy and warm environment for families to prosper with design and colours that are both deep and luminous. Vogue helps to create a people-centric living environment with themed facilities and fixtures that allows for celebrations, events and even for the younger generation to freely explore the outdoors.


Supremacy draws attention to the areas you love with colour, design and perspective. It is a high-end development that comes with a classical design specially tailored to provide a sense of living that is glamorous. Imagine a private living oasis with luxurious lifestyle facilities that help the older generation recharge everyday while the kids enjoy endless fun in an interactive child-friendly environment.


Ultimatum features contemporary architectural aesthetics that embodies everything admired by design connoisseurs. It is a premium luxurious development designed to give you the ultimate sense of comfort. The development comes with superior specification and premium interiors with superlative finishing.

Le Vision

Le Garden’s central philosophy is to create developments beyond just excellence in design and quality constructions but also to ensure that our developments will be able to bring value -adding benefits such as to provide our clients the joy of living within a serene environment suitable for multiple generations to grow and flourish. Le Garden also aims to keep up with new trends in properties such as through the development of properties that comes equipped with Smart Community technologies – hence creating a concept of future-living within our developments. This ranges from intelligent home control and automation systems to smart assistant devices which will lead to a comfortable, convenient and overall, a better lifestyle. This is achieved through our commitment and focus on 5 key values - Lifestyle, Community, Values, Sustainability and the Environment.


Our family-oriented developments enable an intergenerational lifestyle within the community. Both the younger and older generation will be able to learn and grow relationally with each other.


The facilities in our property developments are thoughtfully and purposefully designed with families in mind – putting leisure, convenience, safety and security as our main priorities. Imagine being able to enjoy the facilities yourselves while keeping a close watch on your children too.


Purchasers will have a complete peace of mind knowing that Le Garden places high importance in delivering positive family values, living values and also monetary values in all its’ property developments. Our properties are constructed with high professionalism and ethics, leading to distinctive quality assets that are set apart from others.


Enjoy modern conveniences with developments built using innovative and economical solutions. Le Garden dedicates itself to maximizing the use of simple environmental-friendly practices and energy efficient products. Our clients will be able to achieve their ideal lifestyle in a healthier and better living-environment.


Sustainable property developments create a connection between human and nature in an environment that is conducive for living, working and recreational activities. We are passionate about building a sustainable future for our communities in which we operate.


Le Garden Residence features a range of family-friendly amenities such as a library as well as childcare facilities that makes the near-forgotten spirit of community more than just a memory from the past. The development aims to help create a sense of home that becomes something to look forward to and cherish in the years to follow. Le Garden Residence aims to utilize innovative Smart Community technologies to connect people from different ages and generations and hence, creating a lifestyle of constant engagement as a close-knit community within the development. This is enhanced with co-working facilities in the development which gives flexibility for people to do their own thing in the company of others. This will also help provide networking opportunities with neighbours and opportunities for collaboration to happen. To add on, Le Garden Residence will also feature a range of family-friendly amenities such as a library as well as childcare facilities that helps make the near-forgotten spirit of community beyond just a memory from the past. All these combined together will help create both a sense of home and community-living that will become something to look forward to and cherish in the years to follow.


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